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4615 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CAview on map

(818) 824-3371

The Comedy Chateau is a new comedy club in Los Angeles. We are a one-stop destination for food, drinks, and entertainment. We have
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Events (next 60 days)

Jun 27, 20242:30amJoann SocratesNorth Hollywood
Jun 27, 20242:30amMichael ShacketNorth Hollywood
Jun 27, 20242:30amRod KellyNorth Hollywood
Jun 27, 20242:30amMike TimoneyNorth Hollywood
Jun 27, 20242:30amVisionary SpeaksNorth Hollywood
Jun 27, 20242:30amDaniel CrabtreeNorth Hollywood
Jun 27, 20242:30amDaniel CrabtreeNorth Hollywood
Jun 27, 20242:30amMadi WalserNorth Hollywood
Jun 27, 20242:30amPatrick New EnglandNorth Hollywood
Jun 27, 20242:30amCarlos OrtegaNorth Hollywood
Jun 27, 20242:30amNieceyNorth Hollywood
Jun 27, 20242:30amArmen The ArmenianNorth Hollywood
Jun 27, 20242:30amAlain VilleneuveNorth Hollywood
Jun 27, 20242:30amMike PietrzykNorth Hollywood
Jun 28, 20242:30amJJ RichardNorth Hollywood
Jun 28, 20242:30amFathaJazzNorth Hollywood
Jun 28, 20242:30amBrandon VestalNorth Hollywood
Jun 28, 20242:30amLegendary DreNorth Hollywood
Jun 28, 20242:30amMichael CarringtonNorth Hollywood
Jun 28, 20242:30amLou SoNorth Hollywood
Jun 28, 20242:30amEmily KollerNorth Hollywood
Jun 28, 20242:30amJacie RoweNorth Hollywood
Jun 28, 20242:30amLahna TurnerNorth Hollywood
Jun 28, 20242:30amJesus CruzNorth Hollywood
Jun 28, 20242:30amJimmy BroganNorth Hollywood
Jun 28, 20242:30amLily SmalheiserNorth Hollywood
Jun 28, 20242:30amKareem MatthewsNorth Hollywood
Jun 29, 20242:30amJoe RomeroNorth Hollywood
Jun 29, 20242:30amDestiny HerreraNorth Hollywood
Jun 30, 20242:30amMurray HeitzerNorth Hollywood
Jun 30, 20242:30amPaul DecuirNorth Hollywood
Jun 30, 20242:30amLauren RachaelNorth Hollywood
Jun 30, 20242:30amCarla MarieNorth Hollywood
Jun 30, 20242:30amMykhal PoliteNorth Hollywood
Jun 30, 20242:30amKenny ChungNorth Hollywood
Jul 5, 20242:30amFranchie San PedroNorth Hollywood
Jul 5, 20242:30amBarbie BirdNorth Hollywood
Jul 5, 20242:30amMike EstiméNorth Hollywood
Jul 5, 20242:30amBrenda PontiffNorth Hollywood
Jul 5, 20242:30amJimmy BroganNorth Hollywood
Jul 5, 20242:30amLou DinosNorth Hollywood
Jul 6, 20242:30amEric SchwartzNorth Hollywood
Jul 6, 20242:30amRodney GardinerNorth Hollywood
Jul 6, 20242:30amSam KwasmanNorth Hollywood
Jul 6, 20242:30amRandy CusickNorth Hollywood
Jul 6, 20242:30amSusan Douglas ClaireNorth Hollywood
Jul 6, 20242:30amTMac DillardNorth Hollywood
Jul 6, 20242:30amAndrew SearlesNorth Hollywood
Jul 6, 20242:30amJimmy BroganNorth Hollywood
Jul 6, 20242:30amRosie TranNorth Hollywood
Jul 7, 20242:30amBobby BenjaminNorth Hollywood
Jul 7, 20242:30amJorge VelasquezNorth Hollywood
Jul 7, 20242:30amQuan'DariusNorth Hollywood
Jul 12, 20242:30amLamar DevonNorth Hollywood
Jul 12, 20242:30amAdam ElderNorth Hollywood
Jul 12, 20242:30amJoseph CarterNorth Hollywood
Jul 12, 20242:30amDinara KereyNorth Hollywood
Jul 13, 20242:30amMarcos CalandrelliNorth Hollywood
Jul 14, 20242:30amAlan WeissNorth Hollywood
Jul 28, 20242:30amIrina VNorth Hollywood

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