Mr. Phylzzz / Nerver / Canyons

Thu, Oct 6, 9:00 pm -
Fri, Oct 7, 2:00 am

3810 Broadway Blvd Kansas City, MO 64111

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Formed in late 2015 Mr.Phylzzz (pronounced Flyzzz) is an ever changing monster of noise. Over time Mr.Phylzzz has formed a heavy wall of sound filled with hooky riffs and melodic vocals- creating a chaotic storm that’s well worth the painful wall of cranked amps and exploding drums. During the growing years, Phylzzz was doing small tours which landed them getting picked up in 2019 by Amphetamine Reptile Records (AmRep) to be featured in the legendary “Dope Guns ‘N Fucking in the Streets” Vol 14 comp. Later that year they released their debut full length album “Penitent Curtis” on AmRep. The band is now Chicago based and are currently on tour in anticipation of their new album “Cancel Culture Club” which is set to be released Summer 2022. Mr.Phylzzz is Clinton Jacobs (guitar/vox) & Danny Sein (drums)


As seen on tour with Bummer, Dead Hour Noise, Chat Pile and landing on many choice bills to come.
this No Nonsense Power Trio are obviously giving you a dose of serious business to say the least.

Raunchy, dirty and bass-heavy hardcore/noise-rock from this Missouri three-piece formerly known as Celebration. These 10 tracks fucking deliver, drawing influences from as much Melvins and The Jesus Lizard to newer acts such as Moxiebeat and Breather Resist. Co-released with Zegema Beach Records.


ide with your folks
sideways in a cloud of smoke
bump it til your amps blow
cos you know its goin down fosho