Moving Targets / Red Kate / The Utilitarians

Sun, Oct 23, 7:00 pm -
Mon, Oct 24, 12:00 am

1520 Grand Blvd Kansas City, MO 64108

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Let‘s talk about MOVING TARGETS from Boston / USA.
After a very successful Reunion Tour in 2018 mastermind Ken Chambers (Vocals/Guitar) continues with drummer Emilien Catalano (from the Nils ) and bass player Yves Thibault (both from Montreal(Canada) to play another European tour in 2019 and release a new album in 2019:„Wires“ was out on Boss Tunage Records and surprised with some brand new tunes. The tour in 2020 had tob e cancelled for well known pandemic reasons but surprise, surprise: „Humbucker“ an album full of phantastic MOVING TARGET tunes was released. Especially the songwriting, Ken Chambers‘ unique guitar sounds and all these wonderful hooklines on „Humbucker“ proves again why the MOVING TARGETS influenced so many bands. Founded in the early 80’s hardcore punk scene, the Moving Targets went their own way at the day their album „burning in water“ was released in 1986. Fans of such bands like Hüsker Dü, The Lemonheads, Mission of Burma, Bullet Lavolta or Buffalo Tom love the Moving Targets. It’s the extraordinary songwriting and they way how Kenny Chambers is treating his guitar who makes
this band to a kind of milestone. Open guitar chords, melodic riffs and his often touching vocals – all powered by powerful drumming and punchy basslines – all set in a warm sound athmosphere, unique and timeless. Crunchy but melodic hardcore punk inbetween sixties-mod-rock and early power-pop punk hooklines. Definetly an own quality !

Red Kate and The Utilitarians open the show.