Blaqrock / FACEFACE / Les Izmore and the GOATS

Fri, Sep 16, 7:00 pm -
Sat, Sep 17, 12:00 am

1520 Grand Blvd Kansas City, MO 64108

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Hailing from The Windy City, blaqrock has been playing stages big and small all across Chicago since 2016.  
“We believe in the true spirit of alternative music. To us, it means unapologetic freedom. What you will hear from us is a reflection of you, the person watching or listening to us. All of the fierceness, sadness, happiness, excitement, and loneliness of life, is brought to the forefront in a sound that can only be described as BLAQROCK.



"Like an inverted mullet, this (band) is party up front and business in the back."

Les Izmore and the Goats

Les Izmore is highly trained in Middle Of The Map Music. His tribal connection is Octavia E. Butler's SUN, which was spawned in the inner sanctum of African Futurity. He's been performing through existing channels for 1000's of years. There are few artists that effectively stretch the boundaries of their craft, while continuing to integrate the core of their own talents. One Being does so without losing a step, or in this case missing a proverbial beat. When you think of the art Les Izmore creates, a multidimensional portal accessing the chaos and organization of Dark Matter comes to spacetime mind.