OWTH Featuring Seth Anderson / Good Saint Nathaniel

Thu, Sep 15, 8:00 pm -
Fri, Sep 16, 1:00 am

3810 Broadway Blvd Kansas City, MO 64111

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Good Saint Nathaniel opens.

During a stretch of unexpected downtime following the release of "Be Good" in 2019, Ryan and Kyle decided to return to The Hideaway studios in Minneapolis with long time collaborator Dan Jensen to simply enjoy trying to record some OWTH songs with a different approach. What came from that session was a collection of songs released as the album "Character" on Anxious and Angry. Before being able to tour on said release, the pandemic sidetracked every musician's work for the foreseeable future. "Character", without touring support, managed to crack #63 Billboard's "Top Current Albums" the week of it's release. Because the pressing has long since sold out, Anxious and Angry decided to combine it with the previous stripped down record (Won't Be Missed) into a double LP on limited edition color vinyl. Titled "Calm / Collected", OWTH is picking up where the pandemic cut them off and embarking on a full US tour which will see the band taking the different approach to the songs in a live setting. "It's somewhere between a full on OWTH show and Ryan playing an acoustic guitar by himself. Nobody wants to see that", said Kyle Manning when asked what was to be expected of the tour. "Ryan and I want to do this purely for spirit. It's been a shitty few years and we want to travel and have some singalongs all while looking at this music through a different lens."

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