Birdhands / Slights / The String and Return at Minibar

Fri, Apr 29, 2022, 08:00 pm -
Sat, Apr 30, 2022, 01:00 am

3810 Broadway Blvd Kansas City, MO 64111

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BirdHands is an instrumental 2-piece group featuring drummer Ian Prince (Houston, Porcupine, Story of the Sea, Soul Asylum) and Allen Epley on bass guitar. These sonic tone poems were written entirely through the magic tubes of the internet, sending frequencies back and forth over about 2 years. The result is a record of deep repeating grooves, intricate ride cymbal action, unparalleled kick pedal prowess and absolutely serious 4 stringery that boggles that mind and heats the loins. These 9 songs are due any day now and will be playing live starting spring 2020. praise be.


SLIGHTS began as the duo of Ben Parks (Of Tree) and Matthew Dunehoo (Doris Henson, Baby Teardrops) after the two met while attending the Artist INC workshop through the Mid-America Arts Alliance in the Spring of 2016, where Parks was enrolled as a painter and Dunehoo as a filmmaker. After amassing a number of tunes built around drums and guitar, the duo traveled to record with Ryan Kleeman at Ghost Cat in San Francisco where they were joined by Andrew Skikne (Roma 79) on bass and other guests. The resultant ten-track FLOW STATE album was independently released in 2018. In advance of an album release show, the band enlisted the help of Steve Tulipana (Season to Risk, Roman Numerals) to help flesh out the live sound. Steve brought Alex Alexander (Emmaline Twist, Knife Crime) along for a second guitar. The band has remained a quartet and continues to develop a sound that is at once heavy and nimble, theatrical and succinct.

the string and return


Current Status: Writing many more songs, developing their style and honing their technique. Recently recorded a 5-song ep and planning to tour as often as possible.

Sound description: In the past our sound has been described by others as"snail-paced", "thoughtful", and "dreamy". We would have described our sound as understated yet melodic, subtle yet distinctive.

Similar to: Codeine, Idaho, Rex, Acetone, The Red House Painters, For Stars