Suicide Commando / Luna 13 / Absynthe of Faith

Thu, July 7, 2022, 7:00 pm -
Fri, July 8, 2022, 12:00 am

1520 Grand Blvd Kansas City, MO 64108

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Luna 13 and Absynthe of Fate open the show

Suicide Commando Going strong for 30 years, Suicide Commando have not only been pioneers of the harder Electro genre, but continue being innovators up to this very day. Formed in summer 1986 by Johan van Roy, the band made a name for itself through a series of self-released tapes from the late Eighties to the early Nineties. When the group released its first full-length CD „Critical Stage“ in 1994, it soon would evolve into one of the most popular and important acts of the scene. On this and all of the subsequent releases, Van Roy explores the dark side of humanity with lashing beats, haunting atmospheric electronics and an addictively psychotic and relentlessly aggressive vocal style. With eternal club hits, such as the seminal „See You In Hell“ or “Hellraiser” and an impressive roster of successful album releases, from the classics “Mindstrip”, „Axis Of Evil“, „Bind, Torture, Kill“ and „Implements Of Hell“ to the apocalyptic 2013-masterpiece „When Evil Speaks“, Suicide Commando continue to be genre-defining while always evolving their very own trademark sound of synthetically-induced mayhem. They are a regular guest at the biggest scene-related festivals around the world and are renowned for their energetic stage performance. With an ever-growing rabid fan base at their back, Suicide Commando are one of the most popular live acts of the entire scene.

Hailed as “the bass music scene’s Slayer”

LUNA13's forceful Black/Bass/Metal style incorporates elements of electronica, black metal and industrial rock with the incredible ability to cross over from electronica to metal without using any guitars. Dr. Luna, the duo’s demented musical maestro creates the voluminous sound solely with synthesizers and distortion pedals by wrapping heavy distortion around sub-bass. Frontwoman Lilith Bathory brings the spectacle with brutal vocals and trance-inducing dance moves behind her devil horns.

With a gripping aesthetic paying homage to domination and the occult and a strong live show heavy on theatrics, LUNA13 has become a favorite attraction in hallowed Los Angeles where they hail from as well as a memorable opening act for death metal, industrial and electronica projects including Possessed, Insane Clown Posse, 45 Grave, Doyle, Skin Lab, Skold and Mushroomhead.

LUNA13 has twice hailed as one of the top 5 black metal bands to know by Worldwide Underground and was awarded metal band of the month by Metal Devastation Radio. 

Absynthe Of Faith is a Minneapolis based Industrial project founded
in late 2010. 
AOF mixes influences of German and US Industrial/EBM, along with
aspects from other genres. Jarvis, a former classical musician,
Started a project in different direction. After some development and
experimentation, the project was formed. AOF has developed their
style both musically and visually. Currently they are working on
releasing their first full album and have released several remixes for
various artists. 
Members include:
Jarvis: Vocals, Guitar, Synths, Programming, Visuals.
Miguel: Bass.
Alex: Drums
Jarvis is also resident DJ at Ground Zero in Minneapolis.
Miguel created and performs for The Rabbit M Project.
Alex is a member of the band Manifest Brutality.

In past years the band has played shows and toured with some of the
following artists:
Assemblage 23, Julien K, Stabbing Westward, Combichrist, 3TEETH,
Cyanotic, Hocico, God Module, Velvet Acid Christ, Hate Dept.
Ego Likeness, The Gothsicles, and Psyclon Nine.