RE_: A Gathering for the Sober and Sober Curious

Tue, Feb 13
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

1510 11th Ave Seattle, Washington 98122-3904

Event info

Grooving 4 Good X Cafe Racer X Vivid Presents Re_

🌟 Refresh. Reframe. Renew. Alcohol Free. 

Welcome to RE_, a new event series crafted for the Sober and Sober Curious. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Capitol Hill at Cafe Racer, RE_ is your new go-to spot to gather, groove, and grow alongside those who share your journey to be a healthier You. 

Join us on Feb 13th, 7pm-11pm, 18+. $10 suggested donation. No Alcohol Sold for our 2nd event.

🌈 A Monthly Beacon of Connection and Support At RE_, we aim to be more than just a meetup; we strive to be a thriving community. Each month, we hope to bring together a tapestry of faces and stories, united in our pursuit of a healthy, fulfilling, alcohol-free life. It's a place to celebrate our triumphs, share our challenges, and empower each other on this rewarding path.

🎉 What's on the Agenda?
    • Sip & Savor: Delight in our curated selection of NA mocktails and non-alcoholic options!

    • Connect & Network: Forge meaningful connections with fellow attendees, creating bonds that extend beyond the evening!
   • Learn & Grow: Engage in peer-led workshops that enlighten, inspire, and spark new ideas!

    • Dine & Delight: Treat your taste buds to healthy culinary creations!

    • Dance & Groove: Finally, a booze-free dance floor.  Groove to Seattle’s incredible DJ talent!

🌟 Come Join Us !!🌟



Cafe Racer

1510 11th Ave

Seattle, WA 98122