Trebl-Quest - A Musical Improv D & D Adventure by Theatre Outre

Thu, Nov 30
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

314 7 Street South Lethbridge, AB T1J 2G2

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About Trebl-Quest:
Throw a coin to your improvisers, dig out your flagons, and come on down for a special improvised musical adventure in fantastical lands with the Impromptou Players by Theatre Outré. Join the story of disparate adventurers as their journey on a quest shaped by your suggestion and forged through song. Will they bond and defeat the great evil that threatens the land or will their songs fall flat and lead to ruin? Inspired through the combined love of role-playing games, the myriad of fantasy tales that permeate pop-culture, and musical improv, the tale changes with each performance with the show shaped by audience suggestions throughout.

So grab tickets for your own fellowship of adventurers, and prepare yourself for a night of epic fantasy with your masterful dungeon weathered narrator, David Gabert.

Featuring the improvised talents of:
**Mark Ogle**
**Nicola Elson**
**Kat Violet** 
**Jon Kirsch**
With musical accompaniment by Cole Olson!