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UTOPiAfest '24
1555 Lemond Rd, Utopia , 78884
Fri, Apr 5, 7:00 am - Tue, Apr 9, 9:00 pm
All Ages | Entry at 6:00 am
What is UTOPiAfest? UTOPiAfest is a 14 year, and counting, festival community. The fest returns to Four Sisters Ranch in Utopia, Texas for Eclipse UTOPiA on April 7-8, 2024. Where is Eclipse UTOPiA? Four Sisters Ranch in UTopia, Texas   How Do Tickets Work? Each person atten..
Utopia Presents1555 Lemond Rd, Utopia , 78884
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No refunds at any time.RECREATIONAL ACTIVITY RELEASE OF LIABILITY, WAIVER OF CLAIMS, EXPRESS ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT – Four Sisters Ranch Express Assumption of Risk By purchasing this ticket and attending this event, I, individually and on behalf of any minor children which may accompany me, do he..