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ShowSlinger directly connects artists, fans and live music venues. What makes ShowSlinger unique are the sophisticated mobile tools it gives each user group. Live music venues, like bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels and resorts can take advantage of robust but simple mobile booking tools to easily schedule an infinite number of events with a few taps. ShowSlinger’s feedback system lets them find the best artists fast without wasting tons of time reviewing press kits, calling artists and more. Artists can easily book events and make money with proprietary features like the DigiTip Jar and FanFunding features. The fans will have unprecedented real time access to both the venues and artists. They can discover new talent, engage with the artists before, during and after the gigs while staying up to date with all events. Fans can also earn rewards from the artists and venues.


ShowSlinger was founded by Paul Nikolas. Paul is an avid drummer, guitarist, pianist, bassist and vocalist who has written 3 full length records. Paul is also a songwriter, performer, producer and has extensive experience booking artists.  As a GA Tech graduate, Paul saw the need to use technology to bring this niche of the music industry into the 21st century using the most cutting edge tech.  Above all else, Paul’s vision is to clean up the underbelly of this notoriously dishonest industry and create an honest, transparent marketplace where everyone can use the tools to make their lives better.


ShowSlinger, LLC. is a tech startup based in Atlanta and is affiliated with the GA Tech Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) incubator program for high growth tech startups.