Give ’n Groove presents EARTH NIGHT Disco

Sat, Apr 20, 6:00 pm -
Sun, Apr 21, 2:00 am

1510 11th Ave Seattle, Washington 98122-3904

Event info

Give ’n Groove presents EARTH NIGHT Disco 

We are pleased to announce the Seattle stop for DJs for Climate Action's yearly EARTH NIGHT party, a global event with 30+ parties being held to raise awareness and funds towards climate action through music.
Give 'n Groove and Vivid Presents will be transforming Cafe Racer into a disco den for the night, with pop-up performances by Disco Dust, Beautyboiz, and Give 'n Groove. Proceeds from the event will support Green Seattle Partnership, and a silent auction will be held on-site to generate additional donations. 
Green Seattle Partnership 
The Seattle Green Partnership is a collaborative initiative to restore and enhance Seattle’s forested parklands. Efforts toward ecological restoration build connection and access to nature, strengthen community cohesion, improve the health of the Puget Sound, and increase climate change resiliency.

We understand that our strengths and successes stem from the partnerships being established across Seattle. Community members, partner organizations, professional crews, and City of Seattle staff are all working together to nurture and protect forested parks across Seattle. Come join us! 

DJs for Climate Action 
DJs for Climate Action is a global community unified by music and the pursuit of climate justice. We tell stories that center nature, indigenous, and frontline communities; we translate climate science and policy; and we support system change in the music industry. All with the goal of inspiring a cultural transformation to help solve climate change. 

Our work is guided by four pillars: 
COMMITMENT to service, humility, and the pursuit of justice
CONNECTION to our planet, to our community, and to ourselves
COURAGE to be honest and persistent in the face of systemic resistance
CREATIVITY to explore, learn, uplift, and sprout joy

EARTH NIGHT is a moment to awaken our collective greatness for a supreme cause: to raise awareness about climate change and our impact as DJs on the planet.

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM:
Disco Dust
Hot'nSpicy Disco B2B Crash Landon 
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM:
Beautyboiz (Disco)

Noveau Pop-Up 
Ammo on Drums 
Performances by Hot Pink Shade and Tymira
10:00 PM - 2:00 AM:
Veta Vitali
Parker Mills

Cafe Racer
1510 11th Ave
Seattle, WA 98122